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At the top of the hill of Kolona was the Temple of Apollo.

It was built in the 6th century b.c. and only one pillar is left from the temple.
The temple had the shape of a rectangle with 11 pillars on the big side and 6 one the small one.
In the southern part of the temple, was the entrance and 2 small rectangular buildings.
In the east was the altar of the temple, southeast was the temple of Artemidos, west was a round building and northern we have the foundations of a rectangular building.
In excavations that took place, an ancient cemetary was discovered in the northern part of Apollo's temple where many tombs were found.
Many gold jewellery, which are now in the British museum, were found in the tombs.

Rent motor boats of length 455m - 490m. and 530m., suitable for fishing or a recreational ride.

To navigate the boat you do not need a special operator speedboat license.

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